We distribute Microwave / Millimeter wave absorbers and shield material manufactured in Japan.

We supply Microwave / Millimeter wave absorbing material.

We customize frequency, shape, and bandwidth according to customer’s request as soon as possible.

We can provide instructions to use the material and create an effective solution against RF communication troubles.

To order or additional information, please send an email to us, or call 914-332-8570 ext. 221.

(1) Microwave absorber sheet
View PDF MS-058 through MS-940 provide excellent absorption performance at normal and grazing incidence at frequencies from 5.8GHz to 94GHz. Small lots are available for use at frequencies not listed below.

Operating Temp.: –30℃-85℃

Product No. Freq.
Absorb Performance (min.) Thickness
Material Std. Size
MS-058 5.8 –25dB 2.7 EPDM 210 X 190
MS-100 10 –20dB 1.4 EVA 210 X 290
MS-160 16 –20dB 1.1 EVA 210 X 320
MS-240N 24 –20dB 2.9 EPDM 150 X 200
MS-600N 60 –20dB 2.9 EPDM 150 X 200
MS-760N 76 –20dB 2.9 EPDM 150 X 200
MS-760KW 10-76 –5dB 0.75 EVA 100 X 100

(2) Millimeter-wave broadband absorber panel
View PDFMS-ES consists of non-woven polyester cloth with conductive polymer coating. It absorbs RF at frequencies from 2GHz to 94GHz at normal and at grazing incidence.

Material: Polyester non-woven cloth, conductive polymer, Al foil
Panel Size: 500 x 500mm
Operating Temp.: –30℃-85℃

Product No. Freq.
MS-ES27 2 - 94 27 1.5

(3) Microwave broad absorber panel
View PDFMS-F series absorber panels are used for controlling RF energy at common frequencies that are used for LAN, TPMS, ZigBee, Active Tag, RFID, and cellular phone standards.

Material: Calcium carbonate impregnated with dielectric material
Standard Size: 900 x 900 or 900 x 1800mm
Standard Weight: 1.5kg-5kg
Operating Temp.: -30℃-80℃

Product No. Freq. Thickness
MS-F030 2.4 -76GHz 30
MS-F050 800MHz - 76GHz 50
MS-F100 300MHz - 76GHz 100

(4) Cloth & mesh for shielding electromagnetic wave
View PDFMS-PY is a new material: polyester cloth specially plated with soft magnetic metal that effectively blocks RF at frequencies from 100KHz to 10GHz. It is well suited for preventing interference between communication devices as well as cellular phones, inverters, measurement equipment.

Material: Polyester cloth with soft ferrite plating

Product No. Freq. Std. Size Thickness Characteristics
MS-PY 100KHz - 10GHz 1000mm x 20m 150µm -80 dB
Polyester cloth
MS-PXF 800MHz - 6GHz 1000mm x 20m 250µm -50 dB
Transparent & air permeability mesh

(5) Lightweight shield tent
View PDFOur lightweight shield tents consist of a new material: Polyester cloth coated with soft magnetic material by our proprietary process. This cloth blocks frequencies from 100 KHz to 10 GHz against cellular phone, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, UWB and RFID signal.

Material: EM Shield Cloth, RF Absorber Panel, Al. Sheet Floor
Standard Size: 2.4m x 2.4m, 1.8m x 1.8m, 0.9m X 0.9m, Size as requested.

Product No. Shield Frequency Characteristics
MST-PY 100KHz - 10GHz
(-40 dB)
High shield performance (-40 dB), Magnetic wave shield (-20 dB)
MST-PXF 500MHz- 5GHz
(-30 dB)
Air permeability & translucent

(6) Lightweight anechoic chamber
View PDFOur lightweight anechoic chamber has the combination of new materials; Polyester cloth coated with soft magnetic material and absorber panel. The shielding cloth blocks frequencies from 100KHz to 10GHz, it provides over 40dB shielding against cellular phone, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, UWB and RFID signals. The absorber panel has excellent absorption performance at normal and grazing incidence.

Product No. Absorb Frequency Shield Frequency Material Standard Size
MSR-PY 300MHz - 10GHz 100KHz - 10GHz EM shield cloth,
RF absorber panel,
Al. sheet floor
2.4 X 2.4
1.8 X 1.8
0.9 X 0.9


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