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ZIGBEE: Transceiver : RF Front-end Circuits
» 0.15 um digital CMOS process without RF option
» Low power consumption
» Small area
19.2MHz 12-Bit Current-Steering IQ-DAC
» 6th-order 4.4MHz lowpass filter
  - Low-output noise for SAW-less direct-up modulator
  - Integrated RC-calibration
» Integrated bandgap for DAC & LPF common-mode and bias currents references
» Current consumption of 6mA from 2.8V supply
» IQ-DAC C/N of -166dBc/Hz @ 40MHz
» TSMC 65nm CMOS
Low IF RF CMOS Receiver

» Low-IF RF CMOS receiver
» On-chip RF AGC and BB VGA AGC control for baseband IC
» BB PGA for programmable output level
» Programmable BB amplitude and phase mismatch adjust for image compensation
» Programmable LPF corner frequency
» Programmable Fractional-N/Integer-N mode synthesizer
» Integrated crystal oscillator with programmable divided output clock
» Chip functionality achieved in 1st silicon pass
» TSMC 0.18um CMOS

RX-ADPLL for GSM / WCDMA Receiver

» All digital sigma-delta frequency synthesizer
» Single 2.8V supply
» Frequency coverage:
  - GSM: 3.2-4.3GHz
  - WCDMA-RX: 3.3-4.5GHz
» TSMC 65nm CMOS

Quad-band GSM receiver IC
0.25 µm, 0.18µm SOI BiCMOS
Low-noise frequency dividers for GSM transceiver IC
0.25 µm, 0.18µm SOI BiCMOS
IF-VCOs, RX-VCOs & TX-VCOs for GSM transceiver IC
0.35 µm SOI BiCMOS
LNAs, Mixers, VCOs, and quadrature signal generators for WLAN transceiver IC
0.13 um CMOS