To provide customers with an option that best suits their needs, Epoch Microelectronics offers various contract arrangements. Epoch works with clients to determine which fee structure is best suited for each assignment. For more information about working with Epoch, please call us or email us.


The annual contract provides customers with one year (or more) of expert engineering time and knowledge. This arrangement allows for the greatest amount of flexibility for clients with fast-changing needs. Multi-year contracts can be re-negotiated annually.


Epoch Microelectronics provides a fixed fee based contract determined by the complexity and scope of the customer’s end deliverable. This option works best for clients with a well-defined and relatively short time frame project.


Epoch is available on a time and materials basis for customers with intermittent projects.
To receive a brochure and additional information, please send an email to us including your name, address and the nature of your interest. Thank you.
Royalty-based business engagement options