Epoch Microelectronics specializes in the design of analog, RF, and mixed signal integrated circuits in the cellular phone, wireless LAN, Zigabee, satellite, cable, and terrestrial TV tuner markets. Epoch has extensive experience in the design of various parts / full chip, and components for transceiver IC's such as integrated VCO's, high frequency dividers, complete RF front-end circuits for quad-band GSM/DCS cellular phone standard as well as various other applications.

Epoch's experience includes:

  • Digital and analog TV tuners
  • Frequency synthesizers for various wireless applications
  • RF front-end design (LNA, mixer, PGA, etc.) for various standards
  • Integrated VCOs and high frequency dividers for wireless standards
  • ADC and DAC

Please email us for more details on our work examples and experience.

19.2MHz 12-Bit Current-Steering IQ-DAC
Low IF RF CMOS Receiver
RX-ADPLL for GSM / WCDMA Receiver